Stress Management for Students

Stress is how the body response to imbalance condition situation that make you need to change or adjust your way to bring back the balance. Stress could be good and healthy if student get it in the right dose but many students experience excessive stress that harmful for student. Excessive stress can lead to health problem, psychological imbalance, relationship problem, and slowing personal development of student. In order to help student prevent negative effects from stress, student’s stress management is needed.

To find the solution we need to know the causes of the stress in students. Bullying and problem between teacher and student are the most common causes of stress in student. The other causes are worry feeling if student could not get a friend, must be separate in different classes from best friends, lack of family time, over scheduling in activities of extracurricular, lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, do not ready for test, personal relationship problem, and more. Higher level of education will also increase the pressure when student start to think about education cost, competition, and finding identity.

To manage stress, student can use different techniques. Time management is something that student must learn. Creating study timetables and stick on it is necessity. Teacher and parent can help student with it. Then, system or organization for assignments is something that student need to have.

The other way to manage stress is to pick the best good study environment that suit student personality. For example, pick between quite room and room with music background. Then, student must find suitable learning style such as visual learning, auditory learning, or kinesthetic.

When student experience money problem, student need to learn how to budget money. For healthy body, start to make healthy diet, get enough exercise, and enough sleep. Sufficient sleep is needed that student need about 7 hours for night sleep and one hour for nap. When stress occurs, relaxation techniques are needed such as take a deep breath, meditation, using imagination, muscle relaxation, and yoga.

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